Two Person Motorcycle Seats

We offer a variety of 2 up seats to meet your style and comfort expectations. The seat you pick will vary upon your riding habits, style and if you have a passenger on a regular basis.

  • Gunfighter – is a low profile seat with comfortable back support. It mounts up just like a stock seat hugging the frame but is a lower than stock, and more stylish. The driver seat area is about 13” wide the driver backrest area is 5 ½” the passenger area width is about 6-7 1/2” and 2” thick
  • Cruiser – are built for what the name implies, just cruising around all day long. The seat size will vary depending on the bike’s year and model. Generally speaking the size is about 13” inches width for the driver with a driver’s backrest of 5 1/2″. The passenger’s area is about 2” inches thick and 8” inches wide.
  • Hitchhikers have a very comfortable lumbar back support for the driver that is approximately 7 – 8” inches high. The driver’s width is usually 13” inches wide. The passenger’s width is approximately 8” wide, but we also make an extra wide passenger area seat that is about 13” wide.
  • Stiletto is a comfortable seat that is more about the drivers comfort and style as with our other seats the drivers area is about 13” inches wide and rear area tapers down to about 3 ½” wide.
  • Cobra is our lowest profile seat. It is designed to show of the beautiful lines of your ride the driver area is about 13” wide and the passenger area is 6-7 1/2” wide

{Please take notice measurements will vary depending on year make and model}

These are basic descriptions of what we can create for you. We can add millennium foam for those long rides, embroidery, tuck and roll, buttons and pleats or whatever your heart desires to these seat selections.

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