Memory Foam

All of our motorcycle seats are made with Millennium Memory Foam.

So what is Millennium memory foam?

Memory foam for motorcycle seatsMillennium memory foam was developed for NASA to provide relief for astronauts undergoing G-forces.

It is the perfect memory foam for motorcycle seats because It is temperature sensitive and it contours to your body allowing it to eliminating 98% of all pressure, vibration and shock.

As an open-celled visco-elastic that automatically senses your temperature and weight, Millennium memory foam molds to your body’s exact shape and position. When you’re riding, it automatically adjusts to your new position, giving a more stable and comfortable ride, like when you lean into a turn, the foam automatically senses your new weight distribution and molds to your body’s shape. Also when you are no longer in a turn and riding straighten up again, the foam does a new adjustment instantly.

If you are a serious motorcyclist and want your ride to be comfortable and relaxed don’t ride without “Millennium memory foam”, it will save you’re your back
and your butt bill thank you.

For more information or if you want a custom motorcycle seat built just for you please call 818-833-7783 or email us at Motorcycle Seat Information

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